26.10.2009 03:56:16
Franse minister wil debat over boerka
The French Minister of Immigration, Eric Besson, has proposed a debate on Sunday wearing the burqa in the street. Besson said a ban would proclaim, but to a broad public debate. It is to Parliament he actually steps.

Besson said the burqa "contrary to national values", because the garment is an insult to women and is contrary to the highly esteemed in France equality. He suggested two and half month to debate the question: "What does it mean to be French?" He also claimed that France simultaneously characterized by 'diversity' and 'unity'.

23.10.2009 05:25:41
War Balaur Site
The Balaur War site is a place of battle, compete where the Elyos and Asmodians in the same instance. Players can by periodic renewal of the NPC, the Elyos and Asmodians should together to buy aion kinah .
22.05.2009 05:57:34
Fairy Sword Biography
Year 9 January, 2009, the day GaiaOnline Gold for sale unsheathed.
Sword unsheathed to shake heaven and earth, Fairy Legend of Chun-Kyushu! Touched hundreds of millions of computer fans, so that tens of millions of fans looking forward to ten years the first game of Chinese brands "Fairy Sword Biography" Network Edition cheap dofus kamas " (xj.9you.com) "open test" today (January 9) 12:00 LotSynergy opening! Handed down classic unsheathed end, Love will Tear Us Apart before they see the situation. fans will once again embark on their own Sword trip and write a paragraph for some of their own life Fairy.
16.05.2009 04:55:57
The Star Door World for tibia
According to web reports, "The Star Door World" developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is currently facing a prosecution supplier. Prosecution of its IO Capital Princess is a data hosting company, requested that the developer of buy cheap dofus kamas to pay their arrears as soon as possible.
12.05.2009 03:17:01
Sohu Games
2004, WANG Tao joined Sohu Games, Sohu technology transition falls into online games, to seek new profit support. Then set up a Beijing Sohu Firefox Digital Technology Co., Ltd., by WANG served as general manager and also served as Director of Game eve online isk, Sohu's in charge of all R & D and Game Products operations at home and abroad, including "Dragon", "knife Sword Hero ", Sohu casual games platform and Sohu" Journey of Hope "and so on.
06.05.2009 05:13:18
Some of game skills
Japanese operators are MMORPG "eve isk for sale " Gunhoo the company will begin in late March to late May to carry out large-scale update of the game. With this update, games were also from the current "cheap lineage 2 adenaOL" changed to " OL hero."
29.04.2009 04:48:51
The importance of discipline
Although the country has not yet opened service s5, but buy cheap eve isk Arena as one of the main, are very compelling. Please do not WLK Speaking about the problem, this problem ... can not do too esoteric discussion clearly ... TU, harmonious discussion! Finally completed before going to bed ha ha! (více)
24.04.2009 03:56:59
Heaven and earth devour 2 Online

Chinadotcom long with a grand signing March 10, officially announced that "heaven and earth devour 2 Online" authorized to give a grand to attack the vast numbers of Mainland online games market, before the summer recess is scheduled to launch in the Mainland.
Chinadotcom long authorization "devour earth 2" authorized amount of buy cheap eve online isk Games Dragon authorized crown
Chinadotcom general manager and general manager of Liuzhou grand vice president and partner of 18 people left Yulong Fund March 10 co-signed "heaven and earth devour 2 Online" book license agreement, declaring "cheap dofus kamas" the official to enter the Mainland market. (více)
22.04.2009 08:48:21
The idea of retaining new players
"50% of new players entering the game after the first minute, it lost out, a gloomy picture of the operation is not considerate, decentralized birthplace, and even this figure can begin the first test at 10 minutes 90 % "in recent days, following , the giant network planning forum Speak the second eve isk for sale," the journey "Master planning Xuefeng Ji planning circle of online games face the most difficult problem the loss of new players, give the" journey "response -- decisive battle. (více)
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22.04.2009 08:47:04
Shadowbane- Battle On Saedron vol.1
Shadowbane is highly reputable for PVP combat. Which varies from every singal player to group fighting. (více)
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